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Bailey Sloth Medium 16 x 3 - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Bailey Sloth is so chilled out, he falls asleep here, there and everywhere! This groovy guy has soothing mocha fur, with a cute creamy face and neat eye mask. Bobble-nosed and chunky-pawed, Bailey gives super sloth snuggles to all. Overall dimensions 16" x 3"

Benji Koala Medium - 13" x 5" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Treetop tales with a kooky koala! Crikey, what a cutie! Benji Koala is adorably soft, with silvery fur and a big licorice nose. This fuzzy Aussie has silky white ear tufts and a tubby tummy from munching eucalyptus leaves! A bonza bedtime mate. Overall size 13" x 5"

Billie Giraffe Huge - 28" - Snugglett by Jellycat

Lots of mottled cuddles! Billie Giraffe is fluffy and flumpity, loping and lazing in beigey-cream softness. With a mocha muzzle and matching splodges, suedey wee horns and a tufty toffee mane, Billie loves nuzzles and naptimes. Overall size 28"

Bobbie Elly Medium - 13" x 6" - Snugglett by Jellycat

Promises not to snore! Bobbie Elly is soothingly muted in dreamy baby-blue fur. Sleepy and flopsy with foldy ears and a teeny elly tail, this trunky trinket gives heavenly hugs with those chunky pastel paws. Calming and charming for peaceful naptimes. Overall size 13" x 6"

Bramwell Lamb 11" x 5" - Snugglet by Jellycat

Newborn nuzzles from a shy wee sheep. Bramwell Lamb is so, so gentle, with a creamy marshmallow fleece. This lopsy lamb has foldy petal ears, baby-soft hooves and a biscuity face. With a stitchy nose and scrumbly tummy, Bramwell's a beautiful bedtime buddy. Overall Size 11" x 5"