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Beautifuly Scrumptious

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Bailey Sloth Medium 16 x 3 - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Bailey Sloth is so chilled out, he falls asleep here, there and everywhere! This groovy guy has soothing mocha fur, with a cute creamy face and neat eye mask. Bobble-nosed and chunky-pawed, Bailey gives super sloth snuggles to all. Overall dimensions 16" x 3"

Benji Koala Medium - 13" x 5" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Treetop tales with a kooky koala! Crikey, what a cutie! Benji Koala is adorably soft, with silvery fur and a big licorice nose. This fuzzy Aussie has silky white ear tufts and a tubby tummy from munching eucalyptus leaves! A bonza bedtime mate. Overall size 13" x 5"

Dashing Dog - Large - 5" x 18" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Such a spotted, pudgy lovely! Flopsy, friendly Dashing Dog is as soft and creamy as an ice-cream sundae! Mottled in grey, with cute foldy ears, this loyal layabout will be your best friend. Don't forget to tickle those squish-squashy paws! Overall size 5" x 18"

Dexter Dragon - Large - 7" x 22" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Take flight with Dexter! Most dragons are fiery, but Dexter Dragon is flopsy! No scales for this scamp - just snugglesoft fur in chalky blue and warm maroon red. Gorgeously detailed with soft horns, stitched wings, a pointy tail tip and knobbly spines, this dreamy dragon gives monsters a soft squishy love! Overall size 7" x 22"

Gregory Gorilla - Medium - 10" x 6" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Jungle japes with this cosy companion. Gregory Gorilla is a very proud fellow, with long, long arms for great ape cuddles! He's velvety-soft, with mocha fur, creamy contrast paws and a cute inquisitive face. He sits up well, thanks to his beany bottom, and looks just like his wild, whooping cousins. Overall Size 10" x 6"

Louie Lion - Large - 6" x 21" - Beautifully Scrumptious by JellyCat

Glorious in gold. Louie Lion is a glamorous fellow, with a silky mane, soft honey fur and a milk-white muzzle. Loveably lazy, this royal rascal has a long tassel tail and soft, squishy haunches. He's ready to pounce, but he might just snooze instead! Overall size 6" x 21"