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About Us

Baby Furniture Plus Kids is a locally owned store that focuses on quality nursery and children's products with a decidedly simple approach "offer the best of class in every category".  Our first store opened in Columbia South Carolina in the late seventies.  The primary focus is on furnishings and decor for the most important members of your family.   through the years we have seen tremendous changes in our little industry.  Currently we have found that our customers are looking to us to provide high quality goods with an eye to the latest styles.  Beyond the style we think quality of construction is key, that is why we have chosen manufactures like Baby's Dream who produces solid wood products that are Built in the USA.  Romina is another of our favorites, again produced from solid wood and of European production value.  In youth products there has been significant improvements in the types and quality of design.  Lately the move to innovation has become a primary element and Universal Furniture is the epitome of this trend.  This manufacture offers incredible features like lighted nightstands, integrated power supplies, hidden storage drawers and cabinets and a host of other features incorporated into their furniture.  In soft goods the trend away from themes and characters has led to a large number of custom options, so many infact that we have set up a custom bedding appointment allowing us some dedicated time to help you with your design needs. We hope you find something to fit your needs and hope to see you in one of our fantastic locations.  Be sure to register for our coupons and follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, or  Twitter for our latest news.