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Mad Menagerie

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Didi Hedgehog - 6" x 3" - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

Punky potterings and snuggly spines! Didi Hedgehog is a roly-poly scamp, with a soft ruched caramel tummy, bobble nose and silky ombre fur. This happy hoglet loves ambling round the garden, snuffling for bugs and snoozing in the leaves! Overall Size 6" x 3"

Dixie Duck - 13" x 5" - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

Waddle like a boss. Strutting along with a quack and a song, Dixie Duck likes to make a statement! This dandy duck has a fine long neck, wild silky fur in scrumptious vanilla, a mustard beak and matching webbed feet! Overall size 13" x 5"

Chelsea Chicken - 11" - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

Fluffy and fabulous, Chelsea Chicken struts into town in splendid style. With lovely long two-tone fur and a frankly magnificent plumey tail, this charming chicken makes such an entrance! We love those squeezable orange feet and that soft scarlet comb. Bok-bok-beautiful! Overall Length 11"

Cyril Sloth - 17" - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

We can’t get over how gorgeous Cyril Sloth is. No wonder this little guy moves so slowly - everyone should see his scrummy tawny fur and snuggle that feathery softness. Flopsy, sleepy and smiley, with the friendliest grin, he’s the perfect gift for adventurous boys and girls. Curl up with sweetie Cyril at the end of a looong, looong day.

Cyril's Big Adventure Book - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

In Cyril's Big Adventure, this brave sloth leaves the jungle for the big, exciting city. But how will this slow and sleepy fellow cope with the busy pace? Follow Cyril and see what happens when he tries life in the fast lane.

Dazzle Pom Pom Large - 21" - Mad Menagerie by JellyCat

Get ready to disco with Pompom Dazzle! Fuzzy fur? Check! Sparkly pewter booties? Check! Groovy moves? But of course! This ombre Pompom loves to make an entrance, and loves to boogie the night away. Join in the fun with this shimmying silly and do the Fuzzy Fandango! Overall Length 21"