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Kullerbu - Arch With Bell

This is a great complimentary set, that can be added to any Kullerbu set. It adds a fantastic bell musically effect. Allowing for greater creative play.

Kullerbu - Parking Garage

An endless search for parking? Not in Kullerbu; there's a large parking garage with lots of space for the Kullerbu vehicles.

Kullerbu - Sim Sala King Set (Balls)

Sim-Sala Kling brings musical fun to Kullerbu playtime! With lots of interchangeable parts, kids can alter the heights for maximum momentum and fun! The Sim-Sala-Kling Kullerbu set makes a get introductory set, for the Kullerbu system.

Kullerbu Blue Police (motor) Car

This is a car and ball combination, and is compatible with most Kullerbu track pieces. The ball is able to be removed from the car, and be roll separately, or even into the car. And the car rests atop the track pieces allowing it to race around the tracks like a roller coaster.

Kullerbu City Stroll Set (cars)

Drive around the city for unlimited Kullerbu fun! With multiple elements and exciting effects, your child can make up 3 versions of the track. Balls can ride in their vehicles to go shopping or to the post office while the rollicking house provides a starting point for the balls to drop.

Kullerbu Construction Site Set (cars)

This Kullerbu set features an awesome construction site section. In which a loader can push the ball along the track, thanks to a momentum motor, and down the construction site into the waiting dump truck. This makes a great standalone set, or a great addition to any Kullerbu set.