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Ten debossed numbers 1-10, appear on each block. We printed different circus animals, flowers, and building images on the four other sides. See how long you can make a circus train, count how high you can stack the flower and building blocks. Then smack them all down with a wicked smile.
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Count & Stack Blocks details:

  • 10 - 1.75 INCH BASSWOOD CUBES (44 MM)
  • AGES 2+

Count & Stack Blocks details:

  • 10 - 1.75 INCH BASSWOOD CUBES (44 MM)
  • AGES 2+

Between the ages of one and two, it’s obvious for parents to see their physical development grows. As it is known as a huge change for your little ones since your child is beginning to leave the stage of babyhood and become a toddler. They have gained many new skills and have a high level of energy. They can move faster every day and require less support from you to help walk and discover independence while recognizing their need for security. They also love imitation whether they are sounds or actions. Discovering surroundings is still their favorite hobbies. They are eager to learn more about their daily routine activities, for example, taking off clothes and socks.

Appropriate Toys 12 - 18 Months

  • Muscle and listening Development - Improve gross motor and balance skill such as push & pull toys.  Encourage fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination through drawing or hammering and pounding toys.  Engage auditory skill by learning the difference between sounds, and to improve fine motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination using musical toys.
  • Social and Emotional Development - Make kids have bath time exciting and an exploration of the properties of liquid and force, including discovering how things float, dive and move in water like bath toys. 
  • Intellectual Stimulation - Develop mathematical skill by teaching kids about shapes, colors, orders, sizes and patterns using stacking toys, nesting toys and shape sorter toys.  Improve matching and sorting skills, to encourage imagination and creativity with patterns and colors using blocks of different shapes and colors.  Help kids practice their listening and speaking skill such as The My First Phone

12 - 18 Month Development

  • Start walking independently
  • Climb stairs
  • Recognize himself in the mirror.
  • Copy adult activities such as driving a car or cooking
  • Begin to identify and point at body parts
  • Look at books and turn the pages
  • Demonstrate memory of people and places
  • Can also follow simple commands, such as "Bring me your shoes," or "Put the book down."
  • Understand and follow simple command

At this age, your toddlers will make a significant improvement in not only physical but also intellectual and emotional. They begin to walk, run and climb with better skills, and this is when a new sense of independence emerges! As your toddlers continue to explore the world, you may see them watch and imitate others. Probably they prefer playing alone to playing in groups. However, socialization is important for children to learn their social and emotional development; therefore, introducing them to new friends is a good idea.

Appropriate Toys for 18 - 24 Months

  • Fine Motor and Coordination Development - Support kids using their small muscles and hand-eye coordination by grabbing, stacking, and sorting such as large and small balls, sorting and stacking toys and wooden fruit
  • Emotional Stimulation - Create their own sound by toy instruments.
  • Intellectual Stimulation - Improve mathematical skills by learning about shapes, categorization, including comparing and ordering objects.
  • Language Development - Encourage kids to speak in sentences such as dolls and wooden cameras like My First Camera

12 - 18 Month Development

  • Twist and move easily while sitting.
  • Walk independently and begin to run.
  • Pick up small object with pincer grasp using either hand
  • Show increasing ability to turn objects around.
  • Like to participate in household chores
  • Like what’s known as ‘parallel play’ where they play quite happily next to each other, but don’t actually interact
  • Respond to commands
  • Can stack objects
  • Name or point to some parts of body
  • Can sort and fit related objects together, so shape-sorter toys-wooden boxes with different shaped holes and corresponding blocks
  • Point at familiar objects or people in picture.
  • Respond to yes/no questions with shake/nod head.
  • Express gladness when they do something successfully

In this stage, they’re neither babies nor children. Familiarly known as “Terrible Twos”, this in-between stage can be frustrating for parents. Some children may not follow your instructions but they still depend on you for love and approval. Emotions are difficult for toddlers to control: they can be temperamental. Their moods can change within a short period of time. The best way to deal with them is to allow them to take adventure when appropriate but provide consistent guidelines for acceptable behaviors. Soon they will understand the differences between good and bad or right and wrong.

Appropiate Toys for 2 - 3 Years

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development - Improve strength of gross motor skill which involves movement of large body part and balance skill such as rocking horse and bike ride-on.  Enhance fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination such as puzzles and nuts and bolts
  • Social and Emotional Development - Help kids learn about their own emotions.
  • Intellectual Stimulation - Teach about shapes, categorization and trial-and-error learning such as sorting toys and shape sorters.  Develop problem-solving skill by offering greater challenges and being a good way to give kids victories such as puzzles and gear puzzle toys
  • Creativity and Imagination - Give your children the opportunity to learn new set of words and to help make learning new vocabulary fun and engaging such as alphabets and numbers toys.  Include pretend play toys  (kitchen, house, cars and animal play)

2 - 3 Year Development

  • Walk up and down stairs holding on.
  • Can kick a ball.
  • Pick up small objects and place down neatly
  • Begin to play with other children
  • Can take turns in game
  • Point to things or pictures when they are asked.
  • Can solve some problem in his head, performing mental trial-and-error instead of having to manipulate objects physically.
  • Start of imagination, creating their own little worlds and scenarios
  • Listen, repeat, and experiment with words on an increasing basis.
  • Use pronouns and some plurals

Between the ages of three to five years old, their development is apparently seen to be growing up quickly in many directions. Your children are curious, energetic and sociable. They have come a long way on the path towards independence. It’s time for them to join kindergarten, and may already have attended a playgroup or preschool. Home is still their safest place after experiencing all new adventures.

Appropiate Toys for 3 Years and Beyond

  • Fine Motor and Coordination Development - Develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  Improve mobility and strength on outdoor play equipment like playing golf and toss games.  Enhance hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity, including encouraging self-help skills .They make children very proud of their independence such as The Tie-Up Shoe
  • Emotional and Social Skill Development - Encourage to express their feelings through pretend play and socialize with others and also to know how to live with others in society such as The Doctor Set and The Fantasy Blocks
  • Intellectual Stimulation - Help your child to learn about symmetry, balance, shapes and colors in a variety of different sizes and themes and are compatible like the colorful wooden blocks. 

3 Years and Beyond Developmental Milestones

  • Be able to walk on tiptoes and easily backward.
  • Can hop using only one foot.
  • Can make shapes out of play dough, hold a pencil and write letters and cut figures with scissors
  • Can tumble, skip changing their feet, and easily catch a ball
  • Play alongside other children and may join in other children’s play.
  • Become more cooperative with peers, especially in group activities.
  • Like to pretend they are other people and to play dress-up.
  • Show a great deal of affection toward others.
  • Know and can identify basic shapes: square, circle, and triangle.
  • Can match and sort things by shapes, colors and size
  • Be able to recognize and name up to eight colors, and like to ‘read’ books.
  • Can count up to 20 Know concepts such as largest, highest, and alike.
  • Begin to understand volume and can identify the container that holds the most.
  • Understand night and day and their relation of time
  • Use simple sentences. Talk about things and make up stories.
  • Use language to express thinking and increasingly complex sentences in speaking to others.
  • Say and begin writing the alphabet.
  • Can retell a story while following along with pictures in a book.
  • Can explain what things do according to their purpose.
  • Can answer the telephone properly.
Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Age Range 12 - 18 Months
Age Range 18 - 24 Months
Age Range 2 - 3 Years
Age Range 3+ years
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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Age Range 12 - 18 Months
Age Range 18 - 24 Months
Age Range 2 - 3 Years
Age Range 3+ years
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